Many of us smoke due to stress. I bought my first pack of smokes after 15 solid years of having given up smoking. Unfortunately, it's exactly like riding a bike and I was back to chain smoking....

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Not Better Than Tobacco But Still OK

I purchased American Indian Herbal Cigarettes to quit smoking. Despite what so many people are saying I still prefer my all natural American Spirits tobacco cigarettes to these....

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Many studies and researches reveal different side effects of tobacco smoking such as -

  • It affects brain capabilities – Smoking in middle age may lead to mind fog, decrease in reasoning capabilities and memory problems. The cognitive impairment or damages accelerate in developing dementia.
  • It increases infections – Smoking mainly damages respiratory system and its mucous membrane, which increase chances of infection than non-smokers.
  • It leads to wrinkles – Smoking results in early facial and skin wrinkles.
  • It may invite diabetes – According to Journal of American Medical Association, studies revealed that chances of developing type-2 diabetes are 44 percent more in smokers than non-smokers.

Besides, these side effects of smoking tobacco, infertility, effects on vision, bones and other body organs are observed. You can implement quit smoking methods to get rid from these harmful side effects in time and save your life as well as care about your loved ones.

Get to know About Quit Smoking Methods

There are different quit smoking methods available to help you. One of them is practicing relaxation techniques. Most of the time, cigarette smoking is the way of dealing with stress. Meditation, Yoga or any relaxation technique can help detaching you from cigarette craving over time. Whenever you feel craving for smoking, you can chew sugarless gum or munch carrots, nuts etc. to stop craving. Reveal many such quitting methods here and pull your life on track to enjoy it.